Factors that affect your fertility

Factors that affect your fertility

Caring infertility occurs even when children are only a projection into the distant future – whenever you panic because you can not make copies later or earlier.

And infertility is a problem that most modern couples facing external factors that can cause multiplying and internal factors catching a sharper contour compared to previous years.

What is more worrying is the bizarre nature of factors that can cause infertility, so I made a summary of the strange things that harm fertility cotideiene aspect of life that most probably do not even thinking.

Unprotected sex …

Fertility is an enemy … that favor the emergence of STDs which untreated can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which leaves scars on the fallopian tubes – in this context eggs can not reach the uterus.


Perhaps you’ve heard many times that seriously damages health and fertility cigarettes can you see such a message even on cigarette packs – is not an exaggeration, and the explanation is quite clear.

Every time you pull out a cigarette, your eggs are dying anytime soon. In fact, women who smoke are prone to menopause four years earlier than nefum─âtoarele or all of them are prone to higher proportions in miscarriages or birth of children underweight.

Weight Problems

Ovarian hormones that send eliminate eggs can be stored in body fat. On the other hand, having too little fat can not ovulate at all.

Unhealthy Food

A study organized by researchers at Harvard has shown that women who eat according to the following four rules are more likely to become pregnant than those who do not follow such a food guide:

1. Eat whole grains instead of white.

2. I cook with monounsaturated fats such as olive oil.

3. Get most plant proteins (beans, nuts), not animals.

4. Foods containing trans fats. (Composed of unsaturated fatty acids whose molecules contain trans double bonds.)


Scientists have shown that high levels of BPA (a chemical found in plastics and in some food packaging) of body women resorted to in vitro fertilization reduce the number of eggs by 24% less.

Contrary to rumors, factors such as pills, caffeine, abortion, stress, routine tests such as mammograms, X-rays do not affect in any way the degree of fertility of women, doctors concluded worldwide.

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